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Welcome To The All New Volkswagen Transporter Galleries


One and all, friends, like-minded individuals and those in the trade, to our all new totally and only Volkswagen Transporter Gallery.

Unlike most we have a brand new concept, in that it's fully intended to operate side by side a fully fledged ever changing gallery of all your Transporter images to include ALL models and ALL years, if it's a transporter, it's been based on a Transporter, is any age, colour or conversion, homemade, a concept vehicle we want to see it here ranging from the very first T1 build in 59 right slap, bang up to date with the latest T5 models all are wanted here at "VWTG" simply E:Mail them to us at VWtgal@mail.com to be included, In our gallery, our all new weekly featured spot or our ever changing hotspot highlighted VW Transporter.

Then we shall also be adding our very own "Transporter Talk Forum" a location for all active members to have their say, in a sort of social club type way, in effect where all users can and will shape our future, as all users are absolute equals, whether you have 100 pristine examples or just the one not yet finished project, the idea is for all, where at all possible to help, support and guide others, let's be different, let's be productive and let's do the sheer impossible, most said it couldn't, and indeed it shouldn't be done, not withstanding this, I believe IF you build it they shall come, and come in their droves, let's prove the sceptics wrong shall we, I certainly feel it's about time, don't you? 

As you can I am sure see, readily is that we are not yet ready for the public en-masse however to ensure you and your vehicle are included, please be sure to take this opportunity to get registered, so as when we are ready to go, you are already registered and ready to join in, we may have to limit the total joining at some point, thus we suggest you do it sooner rather than later, my friends see you on the other side ......

To make this all go off with a bang we require a few matters dealt with, we require first off someone that can work with graffics to design, build and then gift us a suitable logo, website header and so on so as we can have a total unified look to all we do from then on, this would have to of course we offered as a gift as we have no capital as we are a NON profit entity, operated by and on behalf of its core users, thus we all must offer our services FREE of charge, of course anyone carrying out a free service for us would be suitably credited throughout the entire group where their work is shown, if this interests you, maybe your a final year graffics student seeking "different" and exciting projects for their portfolios or such like if so please contact me direct at VWTGAL Founder @ E:Mail vwtransporter@mail.com for immediate response with an example of a similar task please, and lastly we shall need two suitably interested users to become group Mods to look after the forum area along with myself, the fully thought out process here was to gain an T1-T2 & a T25 - T3 and then finally a T4-T5 area mod, the T4-T5 area is already taken by myself but the other two still require auitably like-minded, interested, individuals who all but, eat, sleep and talk Transporters, night and day, but crutuially know what they are talking about, so as to be able in the early stages of the forum group will be able to knowledgeably take on and answer any queries, subjects and all of the questions on your sections until they grow to a suitable strength in themselves and obviously numbers to be then able to hold their own by which time, you would be able to sit back and just moderate, keep the peace, and it's got to be said suitably deal with any grievance within the sector you patrol, by that is meant, if you have any sort of troublemaker, or users falling well short of our user agreement then, it's expected that you would deal with it appropriately at all times, your decision would always be final as you would be in a place of trust where everyone would look up to you as the authority figure within that certain group, if this sounds like you? Or if you think you have in you what it takes please get back to me ASAP as I don't expect these positions to be about long before they are snapped up, so E:Mail me at VWTransporter@mail.com with a bit of background on yourself, your likes, dislikes, hobbies, age and what have you, an image of your bus and why you want to carry out this post which is of course unpaid, the more in-depth the better chance you have my friends so get writing today.

And that's about it for my first days scribblings, besides I am sure I have bored you all enough by now, please once again be sure to join us before leaving as space may be at a premium later on, next postings shall I hope contain good news over the above and contain a launch date .............


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